Monday, December 21, 2009

Treat Yourself!

Howka Readers! It's getting down to only a few shopping days before Christmas. Luckily, I have zero friends, so I needn't buy anything for anyone! LOL, J/K! ;^) Actually, I usually shop early and this year have finished ahead of the curve again. Good thing, as I passed several malls on the way home today, the cars were lined up to get into the lots, ugh!

One bad side effect of finishing your shopping early is that you tend to start buying things for yourself. I treated myself to the above garter belt from VS recently. I figured I deserved it (actually I probably deserve a lump of coal, but that's another story), so I went for it. I have quite a few garter belts, they turn me on immensely for some reason. I try to buy them only if they are different in a significant way from any of the others I might already have in my collection. I knew I had to have these the second I saw them. I just love the wide straps and lace adornments. The pretty flower lace material is very nice, heavy and slightly stretchy and the gold colored clasps are a heavy weight metal of some sort. The stocking straps have a very cute frill to them on the edges, an added touch I appreciate. I'm not sure if the heavy metal is a good thing or not. I noticed panties tend to get caught on them and they get unclasped a little too easily. It does have a very nice double row hook at the waist clasp with three size adjustments if I remember right. Oh and the stocking tabs are smooth metal with soft rubbery button backings. All in all, I'd definitely recommend these to any of you who might be looking for a slightly unique looking vintage style garter belt, very glamorous and sexy!

PS: They were on sale for $17, which probably means they'll be gone forever from the store soon, so if ya wants 'em, better get a move on.


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Sheen V said...

Beautiful set! I'll try to find a set for myself!

Treacle (Stockings Addict) said...

Gorgeous garter belt. Thanks for the review!

kanishk said...

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badside said...

Glad you guys liked it! :^)