Monday, August 22, 2016


Hola Readers!  So the other day I was waiting for a train in the subway and a girl got off a train.  She was wearing a short skirt and as she passed I noticed the back of her skirt had flipped up and was exposing her white panties through her panty hose.  What a nice sight!  I would have told her, but she disappeared into a crowd quite quickly.  Oh, well, no harm, I'm sure many others had a better day too from her display.

I couldn't really find a pic that would capture the moment, but the skirt was similar to this one, but black and silver and with line patterns.  You'll have to close your eyes and imagine the rest! ;^)


Voracious said...

Something like that just adds to your day doesn't it?
A couple of years ago I was stopped at traffic lights and a girl in her 20s was walking past in a summer dress that went down to her knees. There was a gust of wind which took the back of the dress up to her waist revealing a complete lack of knickers!
I couldn't stop thinking about her all day :)

Pantymaven said...

BS... A similar experience for me was at an ATM on a windy day. The girl, in her 20's, was semi successful in keeping the rear hem down with one hand until it came time to take her money from the machine. It was almost comedic as she tried to swirl this way and that but it was no use. At first I was just happy to see her butt. When she backed away and turned the wind got under the front of the dress. It was a full 360 view! BTW, even though the panties were a thong (my least favorite) it sure made my day!

jack said...
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