Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July Sales

Hola Readers.  Well, the big holiday of the summer has come and gone.  I was planning to post something for the holiday, but didn't have time. :^(

I can try and get back in your good graces with today's posting though.  It seems that mega online retailer Amazon has started a new shopping holiday.  It's called Prime day and is going on today July 12.  Well, other retailers have jumped on the bandwagon and this week has become some sort of a mid year Black Friday type thing.

This is good news not only because if you need something, there are savings to be had, but also because I discovered a juicy bit of news.  It seems Macy's is now carrying a very limited amount of lingerie from tres chic design house Agent Provocateur.  Pictured below is what I could find on the site.  These are on sale too!

I've been to the AP boutique in my city and it had some of the most amazing lingerie I've ever seen.  It was also very pricey, so I ended up not purchasing anything (even though I really wanted to).  These boutiques are very exclusive and are only in a few cities, so having access to AP lingerie through Macy's is a big deal for a lot of lingerie fanatics. 

My hope is that this tie in does well and that it will blossom and grow in the future.


Pantymaven said...

Oh so nice... models and lingerie too... :-)

oldblue said...

I guess I am a cheapskate, as I fail to see how anyone in their right mind could spend the amount of money they ask for a pair of panties.