Sunday, June 26, 2016

Lost and Found

Hola Readers!  How have you been?  I've been really busy and tired, thus the lack of posts here.  So the other night I had another find on the subway.  This time it was a pink Victoria's Secret panty.  It had the word "Pink" on it and was a bright fluorescent pink color (the panty, not the writing).  It was right there at my feet as I walked toward one end of the car.  My eyes spotted it instantly, panty radar!  Alas, they would not be mine.  Once again, I was with two coworkers and so I had to pretend not to even notice them as I walked past the treasure.  Oh well!  Does make me wonder, how does someone lose their panties on a train?!  Enjoy that thought, points for using your imagination!

They looked something like these.


Pantymaven said...

BS... I'm with you on how a female can just 'lose' a pair of panties. My most recent 'find' was in the middle of a hallway in the apartment complex where I live. A pair of white Vanity Fair full briefs (the majority of resident are 50+) Prior to them was a pair of mocha colored Vanity Fair "Body Caress" hi cut panties in the parking lot of a regional mall. These were out in the open with no cars around. Really puzzling because neither were soiled. I had one occasion, much like yours when with other people, where there was pair of bikini panties lying on a small table that held hand sanitizer just outside a row of porta potties at an outdoor concert.

At least we're keeping our eyes 'peeled' for the prize... :-)

oldblue said...