Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lost and Found

Hola Readers!  How are you all?  Had an interesting event the other day.  I was walking with my coworker through a busy train station and spotted a pair of black panties on the ground.  They looked like they were stretch satin material and had some cute pink bows on them.  They looked something like the ones in the pic.  Unfortunately, I was with my coworker and at least one other person I knew was in viewing range, so there was no way I was going to pick them up.  He noticed them too and laughed and said "uh oh, somebody lost their panties!".


Pantymaven said...

I would've found a way to ditch the guys I was with... :-)

Anne said...

Haha, Freddie. That must have taken some self control. XD

Sheen V said...

I would have picked them up too if I were alone.