Friday, December 18, 2015

Don't Forget Yourself

Hola Readers!  Now that many of us do some or all of our shopping on line, it's easier to get that task completed early.  Of course I always encourage people to buy locally when they can, even if it costs a little more sometimes.  This supports local labor and benefits the consumer by allowing shoppers to see, touch and use the actual products.  I'm getting side tracked again!

I just wanted to remind my readers to treat themselves to a little something as well.  I haven't bought much lingerie in a while, but this year I picked up a few naughty items.  I'd had my eye on this bra and panty set from Jezebel for a while and finally decided to pick them up.  They are called "Desire", a well chosen name in my opinion.  The bra was $32 and the matching G String was $12. 

The bra is sheer and unlined.  The material is stiff and easily holds it's shape unsupported.  It's hard to see, but the set is white with pink accents.  I bought this exact color combo, but it comes in a number of other colors as well.  Both pieces feel well made and should last for a long time. 

Looks great in black as well as you can see above!

I love the lacy edging and the ruffly shoulder straps.  There are little polka dots on the cup areas and a pretty ribbon that accents the shape of the cups and comes together in a cute bow at the front. 

This set had been around for over a year now.  Hopefully, It will become part of their permanent collection, but you never know.  If you have any interest in picking these items up, I'd highly recommend you do it soon as I have a suspicion they'll be going away permanently in the near future. 


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