Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Source?

Hello Readers!  It's been a while!  As often is the case, I serendipitously stumbled across yet another maker of lingerie.  This one comes from Japan, so I don't even know if one would be able to acquire any of the items without difficulty, but in my opinion it's definitely worth your time to explore the site.  I spotted some panties I wish I could add to my collection!

As you can read for yourself, the company is Peach John (link) which I discovered is a subsidiary of the Wacoal Lingerie company.  Since Wacoal is sold here in the US of A I'm thinking we might have a shot at getting some of these lovely items here someday at a retailer near you.  Keep those fingers crossed and keep checking their site. I'm sure all those web searches from overseas might get the suits to consider expanding the sales region to us.

I couldn't find a way to get bigger pics, but this page view should give you some insight into why and what I like about the product line, click for larger.  Wish I could read what it said.

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Pantymaven said...

WELCOME BACK!!! Hope you plan on staying around. Your posts were sorely missed!

In looking at the ad, I find it interesting that there is some English in it. It looks like nice stuff. Good luck in your quest to find a source stateside