Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Good Guys and the Bad Girl

Hola Readers! How is everyone doing? Hope all is well out there. Anyone remember the defunct show "The Good Guys" starring Brad Whitford and Collin Hanks? My guess is probably not, as I seem to be the only one who watched it. The show was pretty funny actually, a spoof of cop shows. Bradley played Dan, a throwback cop from the 80's who does things old school and his young partner Jack who is of course the straight laced half of the duo.

One reason the show was a hit with me was that there were always plenty of pretty women to look at. Pictured above is guest star Ginger Gonzaga who played a very bad girl in the episode "Silence of the Dan". They had her dress in very revealing skin tight dresses (and she has got a great body to reveal!). Near the end of the episode she is running in a very short purple dress and the cameras caught a glimpse of her white panties underneath, not once but at least two times! Of course to a panty pervert like me this kind of stuff is a dream cum true and my eyes were already looking down there hoping it would happen. I can't tell you how delighted I felt when I saw the treasure under her skirt. LOL, almost felt like I'd willed it to happen!

Not sure why it was such a thrill as it was a tiny split second glimpse of the crotch of her panties. I think it's because you just don't expect to get to see such things on "regular" prime time TV. After all if I really wanted to see something I could just go get me some porn, right? It's like seeing a down shirt or upskirt in public, somehow it's more gratifying and exciting than going to a strip club and seeing much more, much easier.

Anyway, if you happen to have a certain red envelope rental subscription, they offer this show streaming or on disc, the episode is called "Silence of the Dan". Might not be worth renting for just that split second of heaven, but it sure gave me a nice surprise.


Pantymaven said...

I do remember the "Good Guys" but not specifically the show you reference. Too bad as I, like you, enjoy the unexpected, especially when it's on TV. One old show that I loved was "Empty Nest" with Richard Mulligan, Dinah Manoff and Kristy McNichol. I swear there was at least a VPL from one or the other at least every other show. Another was the "Reba" show with the singer Reba McIntire where I got to see a few VPL's and actually stumbled onto a DP one night. I almost choked when I saw it.

badside said...

You might have missed that episode PM, I'm sure a panty fan like you would have seen the peek and remembered it dearly! ;^) I never watched Reba, but I do know that Joanna Garcia was on it; was it her DP? She's a cutie!