Monday, November 07, 2011

A Day at the Market

Was at the farmers market recently. The weather was just right, nice enough to wear very little and still be comfortable and warm, but not hot (maybe the last hurrah of the year weather wise). As is often the case with farmers markets, there were lots of pretty girls around. I wonder what it is about these events that attracts the fairer sex. Women do tend to like veggies more than men, is it the fresh produce? As I made my way through the crowd looking at the various green things to eat, I spotted a man with a puppy. A woman stopped to pet it an as she bent forward, I saw right down her top. An amazing view of her bra and tits, fantastic! Unfortunately, she was wearing a boring cotton "everyday" type bra, a rather drab and boring thing. Still, I enjoyed the view and felt thankful for her generous, if unknown offering. The pic above is NOT of her or even my own pic, just something that fit the theme of today's post.


Pantymaven said...

At our local farmers market, during the Summer, there are usually a lot of female joggers/runners exploring the veggies as it is the terminus of a marathon training course. It's always a joy to see them in their skimpy outfits, especially on a hot day where their perspiration makes them cling to their skin. I try to time my visit to get the most views.

Pantymaven said...

I keep checking back hoping to see a "fresh" post. I hope there's nothing wrong. I came across a video that took me back in time (the 50's) and thought it might cheer you up. Hope you discover it.

badside said...

Thanks for checking up on me PM. Sorry for the lack of posts, hearts just not in it lately. Loved the little video, it actually did cheer me up!