Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Do you believe in reincarnation? I found a couple of articles about cats who were panty thieves. Yes, you read that right, people's pets who would bring home ladies underthings. Can you imagine? I'd be so delighted!

There was a case in California of a pet cat that would go into people's homes and steal things, mostly clothing. I wonder how many panties the critter brought home! The family who owned the cat had to put a table out in the street and put all the clothing on it for the neighbors to reclaim. Wonder if anyone "accidentally" took someone else's panties home?!!


Pantymaven said...

I knew of a dog that would jump up and grab things hanging on a wash line but a cat panty thief? That's funny!

badside said...

LOL, pretty funny right?!

Sheen V said...

Too funny! "Nice work, Whiskers! Next time take the matching bras and there'll be some extra catnip waiting for you."