Sunday, March 14, 2010

Green Day

Dia Dhuit Readers! And how are my fine friends doing? I was down with a cold and frankly feeling a bit lazy and uninspired, thus my lack of postings as of late. I shall try to get in here more often, but it seems my time is spread very thin now days.

Pictured today is the special Saint Paddy's Day edition of Mr Limpy and a Fleshlight, both in lovely emerald green! Not sure if that green color really does it for me, but it does look like fun. Of course the two pantied be-hinds are quite lovely to look at as well. I loves me some ruffles!

We have a huge Irish population around these parts, both recently arrived and long time domestic, so there's no shortage of uh, festivities for StPD. I might just walk on over to one of the local taverns for a cold one. We shall see. How about all of you, any plans? Anything particularly fun? Hmm, maybe I'll pick out some green undies to wear that day. I'll be sure to post a pick of them if I do. Of course, I'll need to compliment them with something outwardly visible as well, so that if anyone asks where my green is, I won't have to reveal my panties! ;^)


One who has been changed said...
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Sheen V said...

Green panties for me, too! Great post as always!

Pantymaven said...

They always have some "fun and games" during the lunch hour downtown in the city. I used to go but if you've seen it once there's really not a reason to go again. Having said that I just came form a meeting in which one of the participants happened to be there and listening to him I got the feeling that I may have missed some good stuff. Oh whelllll... :-(