Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Why I Love Pantyhose

Hola Readers. How's your week going? Well you made it half way, hang in there! I can't believe that it's September already. The picture above is of Ariel Andrews, an erotic model who used to specialize in pantyhose related material. As a kid I never found pantyhose to be erotic for some reason. I remember a teacher I had in grade school, showing up one day in black pantyhose. I overheard one of the male gym teachers commenting to her on how he liked them. She wore them quite often after that! :^) No, pantyhose really didn't do much for me until I was a little older. For one thing I saw a porno where a guy fingers a girl in her pantyhose and you could see his hand through the sheer material, a very erotic image for sure. The thing that really sold me on pantyhose was a personal experience I had when I was in college. Do you remember that scene in Basic Instinct where Michael Douglas goes over to his phsychiatrist GF's place and gives it too her hard, rough and good? Yeah, that's pretty much how it went.

It was a Friday on a hot May evening, one of those nights when summer's heat is lapping at spring's end like waves crashing on a sandy beach, coming up a little further each time. It had been a long week as school was always pretty intense around that time of year. I'd been a good boy and done my studies and now I would reap my rewards. I needed only wait for my girlfriend to come over after work. Outside my apartment I could hear the bustle of excitement as the heat stirred up the local riff raff. Guys in cars with loud music blaring, motorcycles tuned for speed and sound. Girls and guys walking the streets looking for hot fun from the opposite sex. She came right over after work, but it couldn't have been fast enough. I felt like a starved and crazed animal in heat, caged and ready to be unleashed upon her tender flesh. I was hungry for her, hungry for her sex. I tried to contain myself as I let her in the door. My eyes looked her up and down imagining her feminine treats beneath that beautiful slinky black dress. She always looked her best when she went to work. She was a hostess at a popular local restaurant where the rich folk and an occasional sports celebrity or two would come through to dine. I poured her a cool cocktail and we sat down and began to kiss. My hands making their way down her body, caressing every square inch of her through the soft material. I unzipped the back of her dress and exposed her black bra covered tits. I kissed her neck and down her chest pausing as I undid the clip at the front. It was like music went off as her tits were exposed to me. My mouth on them, licking and sucking, my fingers tweaking, palms rubbing, squeezing. I kissed her more, deep with passion, our tongues intertwined, dancing together, my hands kneeding the soft flesh of her wonderful ass. Then my hand, almost with a mind of its own was on her legs, rubbing, gliding up and down her thighs. My hand disappeared into the black void of the bottom of her dress. I felt her heat, rubbing her cunt through her black silky pantyhose. I wondered what kind of panties she was wearing and like a kid on Christmas, I couldn't wait to find out. I pulled her dress up and my eyes examined what I had been longing all week. I couldn't take it any more and ripped the crotch of her panty hose open, pulled her panties to the side and devoured her pussy. My hot mouth over her, tongue licking her to ecstasy. The sex was passionate, hot and wild. It was something we both needed badly and nothing else would quench our thirst. Two animals overcome with lust. Oh, sweet memories.

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