Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More Random Thoughts

Willkommen Panty Lovers! Hope you all had fun watching the Uber-Bowl over the weekend. I was actually hoping Chicago would win, even though I like Peyton Manning, I'm always rooting for the underdogs. The panty of the day is from my personal collection, made by Victoria's Secret back in the 90's sometime. These are some of my favorite panties for several reasons. Number one, is that the material is very thick and luxurious as well as smooth and silky. Now take a close look at the details they added like the gathers around the top leg openings, the exquisite lace at the top front panel and of course the cute little bow at the waist. These are very well made with elastic that is still stretchy. If you can find some on E-bay, I highly recommend you add them to your collection. I bet our good ol' panty collecting pal Ross would have loved these babies!

I thought I'd elaborate more on the subject of my love of panties and lingerie. I stated in my last post that these items act as a highlighter for the erogenous zones, but it's even more than that. They also hide the most private parts of a woman's body. I think I really enjoy the teasing aspect of it all, sort of like seeing that big box under the Christmas tree and wondering what's under the wrapping paper. You go a little crazy imagining how great it's going to be to get into that box (ha!).

When I was a kid I remember sneaking peeks up my teacher's skirt! She was wearing pantyhose and I could see right up to the cotton crotch. I wasn't alone either, my friend and I took turns sneaking peeks. I guess I was curious about women even way back then.


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Pantymaven said...

Back in the 70's I had to go to Atlanta on a business trip. This was before the downtown revitalization took place. I was staying at a motel/hotel out by the airport but had to spend most of my time downtown. There was an old hotel (I don't recall the name) that was no longer taking guests but all the street level businesses were in operation including the restaurant that had been affiliated with the hotel. One of the guys I was with asked if I wanted to go to a "peep show". Not having anything better to do I said OK. I was surprised when he led me through the door of this hotel restaurant. But I was even more surprised when I saw how the waitresses were dressed. They weren't wearing uniforsm but were, instead, wearing lingerie. There were no bare breasts nor even implied nudity. All the girls wore bras and panties under whatever else they were wearing which were mostly peignoirs and nightgowns (short). One thing I vividly remember is that most of the men who were there were professional (in dress) looking and were very well behaved. I've always felt that leaving something to be desired is the most effective way to interest me.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you still own these or your other older satin panties? I've been looking high and low trying to collect them.