Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Panties and fetishes

Greetings Readers,

Today I want to talk about panties, or my love of them anyway. Not really sure how it all started, but when I was just a kid, I can remember being turned on by panties and lingerie. I guess maybe I saw some pictures or maybe a scene in a movie that may have sparked it all. At any rate, my whole life I have really been turned on by them. Some guys get excited by breasts or long hair or whatever else you can think of. I guess most guys must have a fetish of some sort, something that really gets them excited. I wonder if it's the same for women? I was thinking that maybe since guys are visually stimulated, perhaps it makes us more likely to have a fetish. What do you think?

Well, for me the deal with panties is pretty shameful. I don't go around stealing panties or anything, usually I buy them. When I have a GF, I buy them for her, and when I don't I get them for me. Yeah, they just feel so dang good to wear I can't help myself. I have had GFs who have given me their used panties which was extremely hot, but I have never told any of them about my liking to wear them. I'm thinking I should try and be open about it with the next GF if she seems receptive. I'd really like to share this with a girl as I think it could be a really fun part of a sex life.

I wonder how many men out there share this addiction? I can't help but wonder, as it seems like such a no brainer. I mean, the panty is like the last veil that covers a woman's most private of privates, the coveted goal of every hetero male. So that being the case, couldn't we assume that a relationship has formed in the mind of the panty fetish between panty and vagina? I'm sure there are lots of us around who don't want to admit to it. Maybe because we are all lumped together, and are let's face it, associated with gay men (not judging anyone, just saying). Maybe it's some sort of homo-phobic fear that keeps people in the closet. I know I'm not gay, but I still feel insecure about telling anyone about my fetish. It would actually be easier if I was gay, because then maybe people would be more accepting in some ways, almost like they'd expect you to wear panties if you were gay. If you're straight, they don't know what to make of you, and that makes them uncomfortable.

I noticed there are a lot of older guys who have this fetish. I wonder if the fire of the fetish diminishes as you get older, or if the compulsion stays with you? I like all kinds of panties, as long as they're on the right girl. My faves are nylon full coverage panties...very sexy. Love the smooth feeling of nylon, so thin and soft. You can almost see through it and you can feel her warm flesh right through the material. Well, enough rambling for now.


ross said...

I assume almost all panty fetishists are heterosexual. My interest in the subject has been life long. I think I must have had some pleasurable experience with panties as a young child, but I don't really know. I do know, however, that as soon I reached puberty I began masturbating with panties. They were, after all, the closest I could get to experiencing actual contact with a girl's private parts. I took them from girls and women to whom I was attracted. I admit I experienced some guilt regarding the thefts, and yet I had very little choice in the matter. The compulsion was very strong. Later, on my own, I bought pairs for my collection. I bought pairs for girlfriends and wives (I've had two). That's why I think most panty lovers are hetero--it begins with a desire to be close to women. It grows, Pavlov-like, through repetitive sexual onanism. For many, it disappears or ameliorates in adulthood. In my case, that was true, to a point. But, given free rein, it came back with a vengeance later on. My dear wife is very accepting of my interests and it is very liberating to be allowed to be one's self. I would highly recommend honesty in your future relationships, because eventually the truth will come out. It is best to be loved totally, kinks and all, than to live secretly.

Ross Rosser

ross said...

I've set up my own panty blog. Please check it out.


onfoyou said...

Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.

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