Sunday, January 29, 2006

Who's Naughty?

I'm back! Just hought I should fullfill my mission statement and give you readers something interesting. Hmm, let's see, I guess I could tell you about a girl I was dating. She was pretty cute, but we really didn't have much chemistry, at least not the flowing sort where you just click right away. I dated her for quite a while as she had revealed to me that she was a lesbian and had never been with a guy before me. In fact she was seeing me at the same time as her girlfriend! Needless to say, the thought of having a three way with those two kept me around a lot longer than I should have. I did meet the GF a few times. She was a lipstick lesbo, average looking, nice body, actually nicer than the other one had. The GF was pretty jealous though and so nothing ever came about. Too bad!

It's so weird to us guys, but we imagine lesbians having kinky sex togehter and whatnot, but this girl was really naive. She really didn't know much about lesbians or sex. She was a real cock tease though! We used to go out dancing and get drunk together. She liked wearing slinky little tight dresses that hugged her curves. She had rather small breasts, but I liked them a lot. I always say the size of the tit isn't as important as the girl they're attached to. Anyway, she really enjoyed clubbing and we'd freak dance a lot. She'd rub her ass in my crotch or straddle my thigh and rub herself on my leg! Such a freak! She used to try and spend time with me and her GF separately and was really spreading herself too thin, so I got tired of all the drama and bs and cut her loose. More to come...

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